About Us

HavingSaidThat is an entertainment site that focuses on film, music, TV, books, video games, and whatever else we want.

Well not whatever we want, a few of the very few rules I have for HST are; no hit whoring lists/stories, try to make the dialogue conversational and not worry ourselves with the daily news game. We hope to provide interesting and original content in the arenas we cover and try to have a dialogue among our writers whenever possible.

So look around, get to know us, and hopefully you come back soon.


Alan Taylor: Alan (@AlanHST) is the head music writer for HST, who also dabbles in opinion pieces, movie and video game reviews. Alan listens to mostly everything: Alternative (Motion City Soundtrack, fun., and My Chemical Romance just to name a few), Electronic (Hot Chip, Neutral Pathways), Hip-Hop (mostly everybody), and Rock (La Dispute, Manchester Orchestra, and Make Do And Mend). He has also had a four part zombie series published on Zombie Coffee Press (entitled “The Dim And Departed), and is currently writing a young adult fiction book whenever he has the free time.


Grant:  Grant pretends to be a movie critic when he is not working, studying, or parenting. He no longer plays video games or watches television shows, but his love for films and music has been heightened! He doesn’t see many films in the theater these days, but he does his best to keep the number of films in his Netflix queue under 200. Lastly, Grant’s favorite word that you can type with just one hand is ‘reverberated.’ Try it at home.



Heather Heimbaugh:  Heather received a B.A. in English, a major she selected for the misguided notion that it would undoubtedly suit her because she enjoys reading. A LOT. Unfortunately, she has now read more than a person ever should about American landscapes, the American Frontier, minorities living in America (sensing a theme yet?), and people having sex with cats and Barbies (thank you for that, Professor Spitzer). Despite a humiliating creative writing class workshop in which she listened as others shared their deeply personal poetry about love, death, abuse, and rape; then subsequently shared her own original poem about boogers, she still loves to write, for better or worse. Although she is currently pursuing her doctorate in anything but English (i.e., I/O Psychology), on this site you will find her spoiler-free reviews for the books and audiobooks she has recently consumed (and if you click here you will find stories from her life that she will hopefully compile into a book of her own someday).


Lauren Heimbaugh:  As someone who is often found sipping on a young glass of orange soda in front of a crackling fireplace screensaver, Lauren is one to take the time to appreciate the finer things in life (unlike her older sister Heather). Things like Joss Whedon, slow motion violence, sarcasm, tasteful product placement, the idea of creatures going bump in the night (as long as they are not in her closet, under her bed, or reflected in her mirror), and being left handed. No really, she takes a ridiculous amount of pride in this.  When she is not writing for HST, she also contributes to Cinemablend as a TV recapper, as well as works as a freelance artist/illustrator.  Check out some of her artwork here, and preorder the first book she illustrated right here!


Amy Schroeder: An avid science lover currently working towards her PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Amy enjoys watching movies, TV shows, and also reading as many books as she can when she isn’t at the lab bench.  TV favorites include Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and so bad they are entertaining reality TV series. Some of her favorite books/authors include the Harry Potter Series, anything Jane Austen, popular science novels including The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and  Mary Roach novels, Ready Player One, and entertainment industry biographies (Get Happy!).  Check out her top movie lists for favorites from more recent years.  Also should be noted she is a food and wine lover (particularly of Italian grape varieties).


Nate Campeau:


Zac Oldenburg: Zac created this little web site you are currently reading, along with Lauren, and they have slowly been growing ever since.  With a focus on film from his byline, he isn’t afraid to throw in his two cents in any of the other arenas the site focuses on.  An aimlessly wandering existence career wise (marketing/advertising, special education) has led film writing to be the most consistent through line of a “profession” since 2006.  Anyways, he loves film, owns over 1000 Blu-ray/DVD’s and if he isn’t watching something you can probably catch him on a softball field somewhere.  He hopes HST… continues to grow and that we continue to provide content that isn’t something you can find everywhere else.  He also recaps TV at Cinemablend.

Psych Profile:

Fav. 5 Movies: Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, The Shawshank Redemption, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark

Fav. 5 Games: Banjo-Kazooie, Mega Man 2, Mass Effect Trilogy, Rock Band, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4

Fav. 5 TV Shows: Breaking Bad, Mad Men, LOST, Friday Night Lights, Seinfeld

Fav. 5 Musicians: The Beatles, Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Beck, John Williams


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