HST presents…Songs Of The Summer 2012

Summer is here, and that means every music scene is in full swing. There are giant tours going around (I will be reporting Warped Tour this year at the July 5th show in St. Louis), plenty of albums, and most importantly, the singles. It’s been a successful year for some of these bands, artists, or rappers, and a bountiful summer hopefully awaits with some of these songs. Take a listen and enjoy!


“Anna Sun” by Walk The Moon

Walk The Moon is the Foster The People of 2012. The single “Anna Sun” came out last year, and only now has caught on in the realm of pop music – just like “Pumped-Up Kicks” did last year. Will it reach the heights that “Kicks” did? I hope. “Anna Sun” is such a happy-go-lucky blast that equally appeals to alternative fans and pop lovers that gets everyone to dance. Walk The Moon’s self titled debut album is out now on RCA Records.

“#STUPiDFACEDD” by Wallpaper.

Is this song a little bit stupid? Yeah. But is it catchy? Absolutely. With a driving bass behind it and really off the wall lyrics, Wallpaper.’s first big single is poised to be the next club hit. For the while though, expect this to be played at college parties across the country – this summer or otherwise. The single is available now on iTunes on Epic Records.

“Some Nights” by fun.

Now that “We Are Young” is falling off of its early year high, it’s time for another single of off the fantastic Some Nights to fill its void. And with a Civil War-themed music video to accompany the epic march of a second single, “Some Nights” will be able to fill that spot in no time. Although you can’t really sing along to the chorus, you can definitely chant along with the backing vocals and have a great time jumping along with the music. Some Nights is available now on Fueled By Ramen.

“Always Summer” by Yellowcard

Haha funny, using a song with summer in the title. But Yellowcard’s newest single is more than that. It’s a positively charged placeholder that Yellowcard left all those years ago with “Ocean Ave.” Yellowcard are continuing their “comeback” of sorts with yet another great single in “Always Summer,” which I hope sets the mood for their upcoming album later this summer. You can pre-order their new album, Southern Air, at yellowcardrock.com .

“Mercy” by Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T and 2 Chainz

Turn up the bass, turn up the volume, and start driving. “Mercy,” featuring Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T, and 2 Chainz, is a bombastic first single off of the collective G.O.O.D. Music’s new album, releasing some time this year (right?). Though the lyrics aren’t their best, it still incredibly catchy. You can download the single now on iTunes.

“Naked” by Dev featuring Enrique Inglasias

Dev is soon becoming the next MVP of pop music. She’s getting a show on MTV, her debut album is selling well, and her songs seem to get more radio play every day. It could be the MTV boost (they are actually doing something right here), but either way, it great news for the young singer. And for the summer, why not pop in her great duet with one Enrique Inglasias? You can download her new album The Night The Sun Came Up now on iTunes.

“Make It Bun Dem” by Skrillex and Damian Marley

Say what you want about Skrillex, but the man knows how to make catchy pop music. This time around, he blends his almost trademark schizophrenic electric textures with the reggae stylings of Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, making a rather chill electric wave. Although I’ve heard better Skrillex songs, this is still something to be played this summer. You can get the single on iTunes now.

“Grown Up” by Danny Brown

Though Danny Brown hates those “Radio Songs,” he sure can put out a rather radio friendly song. Even though he still raps about Aderall in the song “Grown Up,” he does it without a care in the world. I mean, why judged the self proclaimed greatest, right? All kidding aside, solid single after his incredible album XXX. Looking for big things this year from him. You can grab the single here for free!

“Warrior” by Kimbra, Mark Foster and A-Trak

Converse has already released a 3 Artists One Song this year, with Gorillaz, James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, and Andre 3000 all on one song earlier this year. Now, rising pop artist Kimbra, last year’s underdog frontman Mark Foster (of Foster The People), and DJ A-Trak have gotten together and put out a great combined single this year. Think of FTP’s “Houdini,” just with added spice to it. You can download the track for free here!

“Hold On” by Alabama Shakes

Some nights, you just want to hang out on a porch, sit in a chair, and just relax. And although I cannot say the same for a couple of songs on Alabama Shakes’ debut album Boys And Girls, their first single “Hold On” definitely has that feel. It’s down south feel and gritty lyrics make it a nice song to relax to. Just cook up some barbecue, get a drink, and sit back. Boys And Girls is available now on ATO Records.

What are some of your favorite songs this summer? Leave a comment down below. Then go follow us on Facebook, and me on Twitter @AlanHST.


2 thoughts on “HST presents…Songs Of The Summer 2012

  1. Yeah, that whole Alabama Shakes album is amazing. Very 2 am on a hot July night.

    And “Some Nights” blows “We Are Young” right out of the water, if you ask me. This will probably be the summer song of my podcast.

    I’ve got to second “Call Me Maybe”. I know it’s SOOOOO pop, but it’s so damn catchy!

    And since it just came out and I plan on listening to it all summer long, I’ll also say that the new Smashing Pumpkins album is going to be on my Summer List.

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