TV Without Commercials Review: Game of Thrones 2.10 (Finale)

game-of-thrones HeaderGoing into the season finale for Game of Thrones, I was legitimately worried that it would not be able to exceed, or even meet the expectations that were set after last week.  However, my concerns were quickly erased once the show was underway.  This episode was incredible.  In every way possible this blows last years season finale completely out of the water.  I thought that if they were going to touch on every single thread of storyline left out last week, this episode would end up being spread far too thin, and we would be left with a disappointing end to an incredible season.  I’m not sure how they managed to pull it off but somehow they did. They managed to touch on all the story lines without the episode suffering even a little bit.  I don’t think this episode could have ended any stronger either.  This whole time we’ve been hearing the men of The Night’s Watch talking about how what they were doing north of the wall was much more important than what was going on south of it.  The war for the Iron Throne meant nothing to them and now we finally get to see why.  The three horn blasts sounded for the first time in century’s and we finally see the White Walkers in action for first time since season one, and this time there is an entire army marching toward the wall.  I can’t believe we have to wait all the way until next season to see how the Rangers (and I’m assuming the wildlings as well) will fight off this undead army.

There are way too many things to discuss this week that I don’t even know where to begin.  There’s  no way I could cover everything but I might as well start from the beginning with Tyrion.  His scar is pretty wicked and he feels like he is now a monster in addition to being a dwarf.  He still has Shea, but I felt like they left it kind of open as to whether she is staying or not.  As much as I would love to see the two of them run away together I was relieved when Tyrion said he was staying.  After all, what would this show be without Tyrion Lannister and is whimsical sarcasm?  So he is definitely staying even though his authority has been completely revoked and he no longer has the services of Bronn and his King’s guard.  Even though Bronn is no longer in charge of the King’s guard I have a feeling he will not leave Tyrion’s side…as long as Tyrion continues to pay him that is.  That leaves Shea.  What will become of her now?  Tyrion no longer has his power to protect her but perhaps the time that he will have to kill for her will be sometime next season.

Say what you want about Joffrey but his public speaking skills have improved dramatically, and his speech to all the people in the kingdom made him look like a calm and collected young king as opposed to the spoiled brat he really is.  I loved how Tywin walked into the Throne room on horseback (starting with a close up or horse manure hitting the ground) thanked is grandson for his new title and then left.  Short and to the point is how Tywin seems to handle everything.   I am interested in seeing how Joffrey treats his new lady come next season.  It looks like she will finally get to fulfill her role as being “the Queen” as opposed to a Queen.  I completely forgot that Lord Baelish was outside of King’s Landing for the last part of this season and in doing so was able to unite the Tyrells and the Lannisters.  His reward for doing this is Harrenhal, which is apparently really nice and sought after by all the Lords of Kings Landing.  His next mission is to free Sansa and return her to her mother.  Will he actually go through with this or is it a part of a bigger and more evil scheme?  I still can’t believe Sansa didn’t end up just leaving with the Hound.  That would have been awesome if you ask me.  Instead she must now rely on Little Finger for her escape. I just really hope Baelish doesn’t end up screwing her over in the end.  Also, what was going on between Lord Varys and whore who got beat up in order to protect Shea? Why does he want to form a partnership with her?  Also what is this weakness Lord Baelish possess and thinks is a secret?

Of all the story lines I am looking forward to next season, the two that interest me the most are the ones with Arya and Breanne.  Breanne is still traveling with Jaime Lannister and after he sees her kill those three men so quick and effectively he seems to be rather impressed.  I wonder if he’ll begin to show her more respect now that he has seen first hand what she is capable of.  That doesn’t mean I’m not hoping to see an inevitable throw down between the two of them and I doubt Jaime still feels as confident about beating her as he did two episodes ago.  I definitely did not see that coming between Arya and whatever the hell that guys real name is.  I thought he was just a really good assassin with no magic involved.  I should have known.  Arya should have gone with him to Bravos though.  Especially since her dance instructor was from there.  He has to come back next season, I just know he will.  There will be a time when she will have to call upon him and I cannot wait for that.  I wonder which face he will return with though?  I am definitely a bigger fan of the old one, and I kind of feel bad for the actor who had the old face.  I guess they’re still using his voice right?  Or maybe they were always using that other guy’s voice, either way they did a perfect job dubbing somebody.

What will become of Theon now?  I’m still kind of confused as to what happened to Robb’s men who were surrounding Winterfell.  Were they ones who set fire to the entire castle, or was it the men from the Iron Islands.  If it was the men from the Iron Islands, did Robb’s men simply turn around and say screw it and then leave?  I assume they are taking Theon back to see his father, and if that is the case then I cannot wait to see how that interaction unfolds.  Also, what a dick move that was to stab that old man.  I feel a lot differently about Theon’s first mate now, he is a true asshole.  Meanwhile Jon Snow is still beyond the wall and being held captive by the Wildlings.  Now that he has killed the old crow, the Wildlings have respect for him and cut him loose.  I’m not really surprised by the size of their massive campsite, but I can’t wait to meet the king beyond the wall.  He sounds fascinating.  Now that the White Walkers have returned though, I feel like the battle between the Night’s Watch and the Wildlings is pointless.  The two of them have a common enemy it would seem, one that is far more dangerous and certainly more intimidating.  The only question is, will Jon join with them or remain faithful to the Night’s Watch and the oath that he took?  I for one hope he joins the Wildlings and actually joins them too, none of that double agent nonsense.

Finally there is Daenerys Stormborn who is finally reunited with her dragons.  The scene of her breaking out of the chains and killing the warlock was somewhat anticlimactic but it was still awesome.  I really thought the King of Qarth was an honest man and had intentions of aiding her in her quest for the Iron Throne, but Khaleesi knew better, as did Jorah.  I can’t believe his vault was empty though!  Definitely did not see that coming, but when they opened it to reveal that, I was far from surprised.  It makes a lot of sense why he was so willing to give all those people an opportunity to try and break in, after all he had nothing to lose.  That was a straight mafia move to seal him in his own vault too.  Now he and Khaleesi’s servant will have some time to reflect before they suffocate to death.  Now Daenerys will make her journey across the narrow sea and I have a feeling Tyrion will get involved in this somehow.  I’m obviously speculating on this, but the way they showed him speaking with Lord Varys about Khaleesi and her dragons leads me to believe that they were foreshadowing something more than just her arrival.  It will be a few years before she is able to ride her dragons and reign down fire from above the way her ancestors did 300 years ago but in the meantime they are still deadly….and awesome!

Sadly, we will all have to wait until the Spring of 2013 to find out what will happen with all of these characters and story lines.  I for one cannot wait.  The way Season one ended, did have me looking forward to Season two nearly as much as I am looking forward to Season three right now.  Don’t get me wrong, Season one was excellent but the writers of Game of Thrones somehow managed to make Season two even better.  The bar has been set extremely high for Season three but I have no doubt in my mind that it will live up to and exceed all of our expectations.


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