TV Without Commercials Review: Game of Thrones 2.6

game-of-thrones HeaderThe Sea has come to Winterfell and Bran’s dream has come true in a way he never could have possibly imagined.  Theon Greyjoy and his band of pillagers and rapists (and proud of it) have invaded and captured Winterfell, and Bran has no choice but to yield to “Prince Theon” in order to save his people.  This along with the beheading of Sir Rodrik, by Theon, was how this weeks episode of Game of Thrones began.  The boring set up we were forced to sit through last week was well worth it, and I think anyone who has been following this series could agree with me that we all knew it would be.  Jon Snow is maybe going to freeze to death with his new female Wildling friend, who is also a ginger.  Daenerys is lost now without her dragons, it seems that nothing wants to work in her favor in her quest to reclaim the Iron Throne which once belonged to her father.  Most importantly of all, however, is that we now know for certain that the people of Kings Landing are very unhappy with their new king.  So much so that they even go so far as to hurl a cow pie at him, and it manages to hit him directly on the cheek.  How will Joffrey handle all of his people now that they not only dislike him, but they do not fear him either.

I absolutely loved the first scene between Bran and Theon.  It was short and to the point but Brans words carried a great deal of weight.  I thought that first somewhat honorable thing Theon did in a long time was to go into Brans bedroom, wake him up, and tell him himself what was happening.  Then as Theon left the room Bran asks him very bluntly, “did you hate us the whole time?”  Theon has no words to respond to this question but his facial expression shows just how deep those words cut him.  There was also the words of Sir Rodrick, just before Theon removed his head.  Sir Rodrick turned his face towards Theon and said “Gods help you Theon Greyjoy, now you are truly lost.”  Once again Theon has nothing to say to this but his face lets you know that the words have hit home.  He has to feel lost.  He is trying to earn the respect of his men, his father, and his sister but it seems that in order to earn that he has to do things he knows are wrong.  He doesn’t hate the Starks but he feels like he has to.  I can’t wait to see what happens when Rob’s forces come to capture him and reclaim Winterfell.

Oh yeah, and I hate that I have no idea what that girl who has been hanging out with Bran and then sleeps with Theon in order to help Bran and his little brother escape from the castle.  She is awesome, and I can’t wait to see what her and everyone else does now that they have escaped.  There is also this new love interest of Rob Stark.  She is a nurse, and tries to hide the fact that she is of noble birth.  He jokingly accuses her of being a spy, but her lying about her upbringing and the way she suddenly disappears after being introduced to Lady Stark definitely makes me think she is a spy for the Lannisters.

The scene with Arya and the man who will now only kill one more person for her was hilarious.  Stressful, but in the end it was hilarious, and I honestly thought there was no way in hell he was actually going to pull it off for her.  He seemed to be so set against doing it before it was time, but he did anyway once Arya explained why she was desperate.  Peter Baelish seems to know that Tywin’s new cup barer is Arya, the way he says both of the Stark girls.  What will become of Arya now?  Well I am getting ahead of myself because they left us with a huge cliffhanger there.  What was Lord Baelish about to tell Tywin.  It sure seemed like he knew who Arya was, but maybe not.  I guess we will have to wait for next weeks episode to hear what the rest of their conversation was.

I have to admit I completely forgot that the whole marrying off of Cersei’s daughter was still going on.  For a second I was really confused as to why this was happening but then I quickly remembered that if Tyrion didn’t actually carry out his plan that he would be completely exposed.  Cersei says some very harsh words to him as well, about how she hopes that he loves something so much that when she takes it away he will know how she feels.  All of this conversation is almost immediately forgotten when we witness the riot that ensues.  Joffrey’s weakness is exposed once again, just as it was when Arya’s Direwolve attacked him in the first season.  I loved the way Tyrion slapped him and called him out on all of his flaws as a king.  I hope that Tyrion does not end up paying for this, but I wouldn’t put it past Joffrey.  Thankfully the Dog was there to take care of Sansa, and kill those men just before they were about to rape her, while Joffrey told his guards to “let [the mob] have her.”  The Dog and her have always had an interesting relationship but now she will certainly have a great deal more respect for him.  Next week is sure to be full of just as much excitement as we were given this week and since it was almost absent this week, probably a lot more darkness.


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