TV Without Commercials Review: Game of Thrones 2.1

game-of-thrones HeaderThe long awaited return of HBO’s Game of Thrones has finally come.  The second season picks up right where it left off, as it should and the war between kingdoms continues to draw nearer and nearer.  Incase you forgot about the first season, it ended with the newly appointed King Joffrey decapitating Ned Stark, who was Joffrey’s father’s “Hand” during his reign, and therefore declaring war on the entire north.  Meanwhile the youngest Stark daughter is on the run, while her sister sits beside her “beloved Joffrey” and her brothers are marching towards the kingdom with full armies marching behind them.  The North has declared war on the kingdom, and the beheading of Ned Stark was the trigger that led to the uprising.  Now it is up to Joffrey to keep kingdom alongside his soon to be Queen Sansa Stark.  The rest of the Starks are leading the battle against Joffrey and his mother.

I have to admit that season one of Game of Throne began to get kind of boring towards the middle of the series.  I began to get bored with everyone in the show and everything that had been going on.  Then the last three episodes changed all of that and I became once again very interested in the story and next thing I knew the season was over and I had to wait until now to finally get my Game of Thrones fix.

Thankfully on Sunday, the day season 2 premiered, HBO was showing a marathon of the entire first season, and my roommate had it on in our living room all day.  I was able to catch bits and pieces of almost every episode and even sat down and watched one or two entirely.  This helped immensely because I know there were a ton things I would’ve completely forgotten had I not done this, such as Robert Baratheon, Joffrey’s supposed father, having countless sons born from woman all over the city.  I feel that the way the first episode ended, with the soldiers running through the brothel and killing babies, as well as seeing other young boys hunted down and murdered was kind of unexplained.  Had I not seen the part where Ned Stark learns of King Robert’s infidelities I think that final sequence would’ve been a huge mess of confusion.

Tyrion arrives at the capital to inform his sister that he is now the Hand of the King she outraged by this, since her father is the appointed Hand of the King but he has decided to release that authority to his son Tyrion, Joffrey’s uncle.  Tyrion’s role will be very interesting to watch play out.  He is one of, if not the most interesting characters on the show and he knows that his role is to keep Joffrey and his mother from doing more damage than they already have with the beheading of Ned Stark.  Will Tyrion be able to accomplish what he has set out to do though?  It is a mighty tall order that has been given to him but I think he will be able to find a way to trick Joffrey into doing what is best and not what the spoiled brat wants.

There are three things that are plaguing Joffrey and his mother.  The first is that they are now in the middle of a war against the North.  The beheading of Ned Stark has caused the entire North to rise up against them and are now moving in for battle.  The second is the winter that is approaching.  In the Game of Thrones universe the seasons last for years at a time.  Apparently, this has been one of the longest Summer’s that anyone can remember and if there has been a long summer, there will inevitably bring a long winter.  As it stands, right now, the kingdom has enough food to last for 5 years.  If the winter lasts any longer than that people will begin to starve. When the Queen is informed of this, it doesn’t really seem to bother her but I have a feeling it will be one of those things that does come back to haunt her.  Finally, the last thing and probably most detrimental to their reign is the rumor that has begun to spread about Jamie Lannister and his twin sister the Queen.  The two are lovers and have been for who knows how long.  The youngest Stark boy, Bran, witnessed the two of them going at it in a high tower last season and was then pushed out of it by Jamie Lannister which then caused Bran to lose the use of his legs.  The rumors also claim that Joffrey is not the son of King Robert and Queen Cersei but is instead the son of Cersei and Jamie Lannister, born in incest.  These rumors are growing more and more and are even beginning to say that Ned Stark learned of this truth and therefore had his head removed.  These three factors are all adding up to the undoing of Joffrey’s reign and will most likely ruin the Lannister family.

I know that there is no way this could possibly be the case, but it looks as though all hope is lost for Khaleesi now that her husband is dead.  The majority of the tribe has abandoned her from last season and now what is left is wandering the wastelands.  She has her dragons though which is freaking awesome!  I cannot wait to see what ends up happening with those.  There is also the story of Jon Snow, as he calls himself.  He is the bastard child of Ned Stark and has joined the night watchers and they are heading North to the wall.  I was beginning to worry about what had become of the youngest Stark girl, Arya but we finally get to see her in the closing moments of the episode.  I love the way we see the man being tortured and he tells them that the boy they’re looking for, another one of the kings bastards, has a bulls head helmet.  Then we see a shot of the bulls head helmet sitting on a cart with Arya then sitting down in front of it as the boy the helmet belongs to helps into the cart.  This episode was quite slow and had a lot of buildup before it finally starting good, but that’s to be expected in any season opener, and especially one of this magnitude.  I cannot wait to see more of what season two has to offer us.



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