Review of Dev’s “The Night The Sun Came Up”

The-Night-The-Sun-Came-Up-1024x1024If you don’t know who Dev is, then you must not go to the clubs that often. Maybe some songs that she was featured in could jog your memory? How about Far-East Movement’s “Like A G6,” or New Boyz’ “Backseat,” or anything really with The Cataracs. She’s been featured and sampled in numerous songs – more or less because she is incredibly catchy to listen to, can make an awful song bearable.

But what I know her as is being one of the most underrated pop artists to come out in a while. She might use some effects in her voice, but it’s just that, an effect. When she’s stripped down, she can actually sing. And although most of her debut album The Night The Sun Came Up is filled with different effects, it doesn’t hinder this dance-club ready album, but enhances it.

The first actual single off of the album was “In The Dark,” a sassy, Latin-inspired dance number that will have the people on the floor. “Naked” is a catchy duet with Enrique Iglesias, filled with inspirational relationship-type song. “Dancing Shoes” is her “Fireworks;” both portraying a positive, sincere message to her fans and new listeners alike. “Shadows” is a nice closer, as it takes it down a bit without losing the dancing feeling. The album also has features from the likes of Fabolous (on the very hip-hop “Kiss My Lips”) and Timbaland (on the club ready “Don’t Hurt It”), which brings a nice change in the album’s flow.

Not everything on the album though is good. “In My Trunk” has a great beat behind it, but some lousy lyrics (let’s be honest, club songs aren’t known for their lyrics anyways, but still). “Lightspeed” is a boring vocal performance in front of some awesome electric beats produced by The Cataracs. Also, would’ve liked The Cataracs to be a vocal part of this album too, but alas, they are not.

And just two major gripes for me. One: Where’s “Bass Down Low?” I figured that if any song was going to fit in perfectly with her debut, it was going to be this dance club anthem. And two: no “Killer?” I saw the little teaser she put out there on Youtube when it came out, and was excited to here the full song, but alas, it didn’t make the cut. Hopefully she releases it as a single sometime later this year (unless someone can send me a link to it on iTunes, because I couldn’t find it anywhere).

Not every song on The Night The Sun Came Up is a club hit, but most of them are. Just hand this over to your local DJ and have them spin the album, and I’m pretty sure all of the party goers will have a good time. There are some hiccups here and there (not many for a debut album), but overall, this is a bright, energetic, and fun album for college students to be playing on their Spring Breaks. Dev is going to be pretty successful in the future, and The Night is a good first step towards that.

Final Grade: B

Go Download: “Naked (feat. Enrique Iglesias)”


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