Now Playing Review – Fast Five

With Fast Five following shortly after Scream 4, looks like higher numbered sequels that don’t have the name Harry Potter in the title aren’t necessarily something to dread anymore.  It may not be time to start a list of the successes this year quite yet (hopefully once Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is […]

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Three Films In: Zack Snyder

This will be the first of, what I am hoping will be, at least a monthly series focusing on the first three films in a director’s career.  The focus will be on their feature film work and how I decide who and when I don’t really know.  Maybe I will coordinate it with director’s upcoming […]

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Review: Ceremony

Ceremony is the directorial debut feature for Max Winkler and it is a pretty impressive comedic debut, featuring a wonderful lead performance by Michael Angarano. The film follows Sam, Angarano, and his “best friend” Marshall as they head out of the city to the country to a beachside vacation spot seemingly for the weekend.  Sam […]

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Review: Water for Elephants

Water for Elephants is a sharp looking and acted classic romantic tale that is hampered by a pretty awful script that feels like we are missing large chunks of the story. The film opens in the present day with an old man named Jacob lost at the circus as his son has failed to meet […]

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Review: The Conspirator

Robert Redford’s latest is a fine looking and produced telling of a fairly unknown story in American history that fails to really excel to anything more than a straight forward court room drama that serves as a parallel to our modern day travails with prosecuting through Guantanamo Bay. Now you might ask how a movie […]

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