Review: Conviction

Conviction takes a fairly remarkable true story and makes it incredibly bland and familiar, only shining when Sam Rockwell strolls onto the screen. The story follows Betty Anne Waters, a small town girl who has a strong bond with her brother, Kenny.  Kenny has been in trouble with the law time and time again and […]

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Now Playing Review – Conviction

Of the two recent films with stories revolving around the justice system, Conviction manages to do what Stone is unable to by creating a compelling film that draws the audience into the lives of the characters, played by actors that are able to shine in their roles. Conviction tells the story of the relationship between […]

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Now Playing Review – Stone

With Robert De Niro and Edward Norton’s names resting comfortably atop the title of the film on the poster one would think that nothing could go wrong in Stone. Turns out choice acting doesn’t always make perfection.  Instead the film still manages to sink like a stone. De Niro plays Jack Mabry, a parole officer […]

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Review: Hereafter

Clint Eastwood’s latest bests his last couple efforts but for every thing I like about Hereafter there is almost always something that really grates me the wrong way. The film follows three thread lines of different people that have had a recent connection with death and/or the “hereafter.”  One is a French reporter who has […]

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Suggestion Box (Oct. 11 – 17)

This week’s Suggestion Box just has a few gaming videos, including Fable III’s awesome launch trailer and two videos for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II.  Maybe next week will have some exciting movie trailers again, but until then, enjoy these. Gaming: Fable III Launch Trailer – (360/PC) – Check out the launch trailer for […]

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Review: jackass 3D

Reviewing jackass 3D is an easy task.  You can’t really say anything about it as it will spoil the surprise so you know your review will be short.  It’s easy to tell anyone that hasn’t enjoyed the show before that nothing will change here and if you loved it before so will you love this […]

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