SYTYCD – Season 7 – Top 9 Results

Sorry for the late post. I can almost never watch it live and I decided to go out last night instead of watching this episode. To my disappointment, Robert ended up being in the bottom three again. Along with him were Melinda and Billy. Who’s leaving this week? Read on.

The group opening dance was a contemporary choreographed by Jamel Gaines (has he been on the show before?). It was kind of weird, and boring, so I didn’t really like it.

Kent, Adéchiké, Ashley, and Alex were up on stage first. None of them were in the bottom three.

Up next were Billy, Robert, and Lauren. I was expecting Billy here, but I guess it was him and Robert. Nonetheless, I thought it was dragged out way too much. And once again, I thought Mia was being too harsh on them.

Jose and Melinda were the last ones. No surprises here, Melinda. I think I would’ve preferred both of them being in the bottom three though.

I guess there were two guest dancers tonight. The first one was Vilva Elvis from Cirque du Soleil. It was very entertaining indeed, but nothing compared to what was coming up next, SYTYCD’s own Mark and Courtney. They did an old routine they did back in Season 4, “The Garden” choreographed by Sonya Tayek. Great choreographer, great routine, great dancers. Courtney looks sexy as always, and I’m very glad to see Mark with his old hair back. I love to see Mark on tonight’s show since he wasn’t on the Performances episode (just like Neil last week). Maybe next week they’ll let him dance with Robert or something, I think that’d be interesting to see.

Musical guest, Ne-Yo performing “Beautiful Monster.” I’ve been listening to this song even before it was officially released, and I’ve loved it ever since the first listen! Great performance by Ne-Yo, and I didn’t know he could be so acrobatic! One continuing complaint, I wish they had a better live sound system in the studio. All the “live” performances sound kind of terrible in my opinion.

Out of Billy, Robert, and Melinda, it was a no brainer that they would choose Melinda to leave. I will give her credit for being such a graceful loser though. She kept a smile and such good composure the whole time the judges were talking to her and when they showed what she’s done on the show. Her exiting speech was thoughtful and polite as well.

SYTYCD7 Melinda Sullivan

I can’t wait to see what they’re going to do next week with 6 guys and 2 girls. Nigel announced that they’ll be dancing with an all-star and another routine with one of their competitors. It shall be interesting ladies and gentlemen!


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