Review: Salt

Salt is an iteresting film that twists your loyalties and features a great action turn by Angelina Jolie and while the film doesn’t knock it out of the park it is a pretty good grounding for the film’s larger goal. Evelyn Salt is a spy for the CIA who is winding down and about to […]

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Now Playing Review – Salt

If you have been watching the news lately then you have probably heard something about all of the Russian spies who are being discovered living in the US like normal people.  It might sound cool, but in all honesty it was a little underwhelming as far as I am concerned.  No reports of shootouts, no […]

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Review – Inception

Christopher Nolan’s Inception is a rare breed.  The film features great acting, stunning visual effects, a unique storyline, and fantastic direction.  Nolan seems to walk a line with Inception which should please everyone from the film geek to the grandparent.  Nolan repeats a cycle throughout the film of giving you hints, then giving you the […]

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Suggestion Box (July 12 – 18)

Movies: Centurion Trailer – A film that reminds me of the last King Arthur film with the look of the opening battle in Gladiator, and a story that is probably not really like either.  But ooo, Roman soldiers.  Check it out here. Devil Trailer – Even after the butchering of The Last Airbender I still […]

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