Review: Sex and the City 2

The sequel to Sex and the City on the silver screen excels past the first film, unfortunately that film was a big steaming pile of awfulness, and while this films first act starts off on a fairly right foot it crumbles in it’s final after laboring and dragging through the middle. The film picks up […]

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Review: Shrek Forever After

The latest Shrek film greatly improves upon the abysmal third film and while it feels a tad to greatest hits and unoriginal it is solid fun and works when it isn’t trying to use pop songs for humor. Shrek is a bit tired of family life and the routine and while he loves his family […]

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Suggestion Box (May 17 – 23)

Movies: Megamind Trailer – An animated film in which Will Ferrell plays a super villain with Brad Pitt as is nemesis?  Yes.  Now throw Tina Fey in there and you really have something special.  Check it out here. Rio Trailer – Looks like it’s a week for animated films; but this time, we’ve got birds.  […]

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