Review: The Young Victoria

The Young Victoria continues the trend of successful royalty based period films that feel fresh and cotemporary and historically intact all the same and it is all grounded by a great turn by Emily Blunt as the title character. The film opens as a political battle of posturing and manipulation surrounds the British thrown as […]

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Review: Edge of Darkness

Mel Gibson with Martin Campbell returns from a long drought of staring in a picture with the revenge thriller Edge of Darkness which allows Gibson to do some nice work but falls flat pretty much everywhere else. Gibson plays Craven, a Boston police detective, whose daughter almost instantly upon her return home for a visit […]

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Review: When in Rome

It didn’t take long to get a huge stink bomb of a movie this year in 010 and that movie is When in Rome. The movie is so poorly written, is almost devoid of humor, is absolutely absurd, and gets nothing out of a decent slate of talent that made the unfortunate decision of taking […]

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Queue Review: Sugar

Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck’s second picture is another low budget indie effort that is all at once a fantastic portrait of both the Dominican baseball path, the pressures of the minor leagues, and immigrant life in America. Sugar is a member of the Kansas City baseball school that farms players into their minor league […]

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