Rental Review – P2

In the spirit of the holiday I decided that I would treat myself to a little horror film. The problem is I am not always the best judge in selecting something because my love of the genre tends to block out the part of my brain that warns me as to how stupid the movie […]

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Suggestion Box (Oct. 19-25)

The Wolfman Trailer – A new trailer has been released with some more footage. Check it out here. Valentine’s Day Trailer – Oh love. Or lack there of… Check it out here. Brick – I forgot to mention this a while ago, but you guys should check out Brick if you haven’t. It’s a modern […]

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Review: Amelia

Mira Nair’s latest is a dull, bland, and almost completely forgettable effort that while capturing the look, sound, and stories of Amelia Earhart it fails to create any drama, tension, or just about any emotion inside of us over it’s run time. Spoilers ahead if you some how have know grasp on history. Picking up […]

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