Review: Funny People

Judd Apatow’s latest is his lesser effort to date, but is still quite funny at times it just drags on a bit to long and doesn’t hit the emotional highs I think it was going for. George Simmons is a comedy superstar. He lives the life of celebrity, alone, in a large mansion paid for […]

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Review: 500 Days of Summer

Mark Webb delivers another unconventional and excellent rom-com for the calendar year, filing his film with originality, style, plenty of laughs, and a pair of great performances from his boy and girl leads. The film on the surface is your classic boy meets girl story, but our narrator warns us early on that this is […]

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Review: Revanche

Götz Spielmann’s Austrian crime-’ish’ drama is an engaging character study that slowly builds up the tension and plot that is a tad bit bloated but remains a pretty good look at the human condition. Alex is an ex-con who is dating a prostitute, Tamara, and the two’s feelings for one another are real. Unfortunately both […]

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Review: The Hurt Locker

The latest effort from Kathryn Bigelow is a gritty and realistic look into the life of an Iraq War bomb squad that is thrilling when defusing the bombs but meanders a bit when not. In and around Iraq during our skirmish over there since we went to war in the country, the enemy has been […]

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