Review: X-Men Origins Wolverine

The X-Men franchise returns with an origin story of its main character Wolverine, and the end result is a fun, action filled summer movie that gets the season off on the right foot. James Howlett was born in the early 1800’s, a consistently sick boy; his father is murdered by vengeful neighbor who is father […]

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Review: Is Anybody There?

The latest film from John Crowley is an intriguing look into friendship, death, and growing old filled with tender, sad, and humorous moments throughout; and anchored by a fantastic turn by Michael Caine. Edward is not very happy with his lot in life right now, his home has been recently up rooted since his mother […]

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Review: The Soloist

The latest from Joe Wright is an amazing story that is reproduced to great effect, but leaves the viewer asking questions that this true story just doesn’t have the answers too. Steve Lopez is a columnist at The Los Angeles Times which is unfortunately forcing to change its image a bit in the world of […]

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Review: State of Play

This journalistic thriller keeps the intensity and intrigue from start to finish, and when coupled with some excellent performances across the board you have a pretty good picture when it is all said and done. Cal McAffrey is a journalist for the Washington Globe, which also happens to be a sinking ship of a medium […]

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Review: Sin Nombre

Director Cary Fukunaga rides its Sundance success into limited release and deserves the critical accolades it has been receiving since January; even if it is all a bit contrived at times. Casper is a mid level gang member of the Mara gang and he is recruiting the young Smiley to become part of his “brotherhood”. […]

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Review: Observe and Report

Jody Hill’s second feature is an odd, bizarre, yet often hilarious picture that is definitely not for everyone but will definitely win over some of us with dark, dark senses of humor. Ronnie is head of mall security at Forest Ridge Mall and he is called into action when a flasher begins exposing himself to […]

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Review: Adventureland

Greg Mottola’s follow up to Superbad shares little in common with that previous film, which isn’t a bad thing as this is an honest and sometimes sweet coming of age tale for a fresh college grad. James has a plan. As his graduation present his parents are supposed to help fund his trip to Europe […]

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