Links for 8-29

-A retrospective on The Big Lebowski is a must read at Rolling Stone. -Here is the trailer for New York, I Love You, a short film compilation follow up to Paris, I Love You. -Danny Elfman is scoring The Wolfman, I’m for it. -Warner is looking to reboot Superman and their DC franchise properties in […]

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Review: Hamlet 2

This irreverent and silly comedy starting Steve Coogan is coming off being the hit film of Sundance and it does a very good job of being funny, even with the lunacy, absurdness, and predictability that fill the picture. Dana Marschz is a high school drama teacher that has moved to Tucson, AZ after failing to be […]

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Links for 8/22

Reviews should start rolling out by me again today, been busy, sorry! -Writing has begun on The Hobbit! And here, del Toro talks about the effects work. Mark those calendars for December, 2011! -Here is some Hi-Res Watchmen! -Here is an interview with Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe. -The Goosebumps movie has a couple of […]

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Baby Batch of Links 8/18

-Star Trek has screened, minus a lot of effects work, and is apparently already very impressive. Also, here are some posters! Can you spot Simon Pegg? -Here are some more pics to my highly anticipated film adaptation of The Road, with Viggo in the lead. -Will Wheel of Time be the next big fantasy franchise? […]

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Review:Tropic Thunder

Ben Stiller returns to the director’s chair to direct this satirical farce on and gets pretty great results out of it. The film opens with a number of faux trailers and commercials for the stars in the film and they are pretty funny, but I won’t spoil those here; but they aren’t quite as good […]

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Links for 8/8

-Check out the latest monthly Watchmen production video blog. -Watchmen interviews with Billy Crudup, and here is one with Jeffery Dean Morgan. Watch for spoilers for non-comic readers. -Brad Pitt is officially in on Inglorious Bastards! Here is a casting round up. Please Simon Pegg, please Simon Pegg! -Check out these awesome Clone Wars posters! […]

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